Katrin is a Boston-based singer/songwriter who has performed on stages nationally and throughout Europe and has shared the stage with such greats as Chris Isaak, John Sebastian, Boz Scaggs, Huey Lewis, John Mayall and Joan Armatrading.

Her latest single “You” had been bouncing around in her head for two years until she and famed drummer / producer Jerry Marotta sat down and finished it together. When recently asked about the meaning of the song Katrin replied “It’s about selfless love. Think about someone you love before you press play…I hope it has a special meaning for you”.

As a young, self- taught, musician and songwriter, Katrin forged her own way, having paid her dues in the Boston club scene and as a street performer. “Cobblestones”, a haunting, melodic song, was born from her experience busking on the streets of Boston and abroad. The new single and EP are a testament to Katrin’s dedication to her craft. From the bluesy “Baby to Hold” where she so openly wails out what she calls her “very loud prayer which thankfully was heard”, to her dark and rootsy “River of the Souls” and her wistful, country-kissed “Farewell to the Farm”

Metronome Magazine described Katrin's voice as "...thick and resonating with body and soul, Katrin sings with the passion of a woman using her last breath on earth."

Katrin’s most recent full length CD “Frail to Fearless” was Produced by Jerry Marotta, best known for his work with Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Sheryl Crowe and Indigo Girls.

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